Realizing Rewarding Returns

Since 1998, QuadTwo has consistently exceeded expectations, generating a cumulative return on capital of 200 to 1, while creating more than 30 millionaires in the companies we were associated with! 

A true win/win for all involved.

8 active investments
17 investments to date

Currently funding 2-3 Deals per year
Investments span 4 major industries

Over the past 24 years, our proven track record of exceptional financial performance and productive partnerships includes a variety of thriving portfolio companies. Here’s just a few of our 17 success stories.

First Investment

Ranger Pump

Sector: Oil and Gas Services
Location: Texas
Status: Wind down of second investment


As QuadTwo’s first investment, this company holds a special place in our hearts. Ranger Pump was formed in Texas in 1998 to provide exceptional downhole pump services to the oil and gas industry, and the business quickly expanded into Oklahoma. Between 1997 to 2006, we supported exceptional growth, generating a 20:1 ROI. The management team re-engaged with us in 2018 to form a second company.

Notable Exit

Falcon Wireline

Sector: Oil and Gas Services
Location: Oklahoma
Status: Sold


Falcon Wireline was started in 2001 to deliver cased-hole wireline services to oil and gas exploration and production companies in North America. We backed some of the hardest-working people in the oilfield to generate a 31:1 ROI in just five years. Falcon was sold to a sector aggregator, allowing the management team to take cash out at closing and continue working as the company grew.

Largest Investment

Reliance Oilfield Services

Sector: Oil and Gas Services
Location: Oklahoma, Texas
Status: Operating


Formed in 2004, Reliance provides high-pressure control tools and cased hole wireline services for the oil and gas industry. After additional funding was provided by Edge Natural Resources in 2014, it has steadily expanded to become one of the largest oil and gas service companies in North America, with more than 700 employees in the United States and Canada, with several service offerings. The company is currently operating as an arm of Edge Oilfield Services.