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Founded in 1998 by a young group of ambitious entrepreneurs, QuadTwo was named for the upper-right quadrant of the 2×2 matrix, which classifies individuals and entities that are the best, the industry-leaders, and the category killers. Best-selling author Stephen Covey also memorialized the upper-right quadrant of the matrix to be occupied by tasks that are non-critical, but highly important, like long-term strategic planning. Our founders felt like this was what we do best. We focus on tasks that are often overlooked, but critical to success.

As an experienced private capital investment firm, we embody both descriptions in our active management approach. The money we invest is ours, so we want to get it right.

Much More than Money

Passionate about building and growing successful companies, QuadTwo forms long-lasting partnerships with entrepreneurs and management teams, helping principal partners structure, position, and manage their entities to maximize shareholder and stakeholder value.

Portfolio companies benefit from the collective expertise of our proven leadership team, which has a history of building their own private equity-based businesses. Therefore, we truly understand the investment process from both sides of the table. Plus, because we invest our own money in our clients, true success is only achieved when our portfolio companies win.

Based on honesty, integrity, and relationships, QuadTwo Capital is more than a source of private capital. We’re your business partner.

Traditional Capital Sources


Seed/Angel Venture Capital Private Equity QuadTwo Private Capital
Stage Early stage, first money in
Early stage, growth capital Mid-stage after cash flow established QuadTwo loves early-stage investments
Size $10K to $5 MM
$500K to $10 MM $10 MM and up QuadTwo’s sweet spot is $10K to $20 MM
Type Equity
Equity Equity, structured debt, sophisticated instruments QuadTwo prefers Equity
Control Management has high level of control
Management shares control with Investors / Board Investors / Board retain all control QuadTwo will control the board, but WITH management
Risk High risk of losing all invested capital
Managed risk levels, lower risk of losing all capital Lower risk on invested capital QuadTwo understands the risk of early-stage investment
Return High return expectations, more than 10-100x expected
High return expectations, more than 10X expected Mandate to return more than 20% IRR to limited partners QuadTwo wants to prosper alongside management
Involvement Investor has low / no involvement Investor has low involvement Investor has low involvement QuadTwo will help management be successful and will be involved day-to-day
Source of Capital Investor’s own capital
Investor’s own capital or could be fund from outside investor group Funds raised from limited partners with an investment mandate QuadTwo is funded by their own capital and they don’t have a mandate

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Meet our Team

Vice Presidents

Kyle Culhane

Kyle Culhane is a VP of QuadTwo Capital Partners where he performs investment opportunity analysis. He also is the VP of Engineering at Contrast Energy, LLC, in Tulsa. Before joining QuadTwo, he served as District Vice President and Reservoir Manager at Tulsa-based Blackbeard Operating. From 2013 to 2019, Kyle held positions of Reservoir Engineering Manager and Engineer at BlueStone Natural Resources, an oil and gas company. A native of Tulsa, he graduated from the University of Tulsa where he earned a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering and a M.S. in Energy Business.

Cameron Dullea

A VP of QuadTwo Capital Partners, Cameron Dullea has specialized in the Acquisition and Divestiture (A&D) division of the oil and gas industry. He currently serves as VP of Land & Business Development for Contrast Energy, LLC, in Tulsa. Additional experience includes being the A&D Manager of BlueStone Natural Resources, a private equity-backed oil and gas company, and a Senior Acquisitions Analyst at Chesapeake Energy. Cameron has closed transactions ranging from a few million dollars up to more than $2 billion. He earned his B.S. in Marketing and his M.S in Energy Legal Studies from Oklahoma City University.